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Is Mary Kay for You?



The Get it Girl Unit is a tribe of women who have one another's back without judgement shame or comparison.  

A tribe where we encourage, love and recognize that we are all doing our very best, in a constant state of learning and we are all far from perfect.

These are my people. 

Want to join us?

 The quick videos below share all the facts. Take a look at the short bios above each one and find those that you relate to most. Please watch each video one at a time. You can stop or pause them as you like. If you click play on multiple - they all play and can make you crazy :)

Are you...
A College Graduate
Married without Kids
Skeptical about the Mary Kay Opportunity

Do you...
Work for Corporate America
Love to hear stories of Women who overcame Adversity


Are You...
A Working Mom
A Teacher at Heart or Professionally
Someone Who Wants More our of Life!!


Do You....
Have Young Children
Need Details Broken Down

Are you...
In College
In High School

Do You...
Need Information for your Husband

"Your attitude will be the most significant factor in your success, for with the right attitude you can do everything wrong and still succeed. But with the wrong attitude you can do everything right and fail. So if you think you can, you can! But if you think you can’t, you’re right. The greatest undeveloped territory in the whole world is right under your hat." ~ Mary Kay Ash