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Fallon graduated college with a business degree with an option in Marketing.  She began her career as a Financial Representative for a company in Sacramento and found out very quickly that she lacked passion for the work she was doing.   In April 2010 her father was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer so she was faced with not having family time around her work schedule and she was looking for something different.  She started bartending and serving, and went back to school to get her Masters, completed the following Spring.  She signed her beauty consultant in March of 2011 to help her sister earn a car and to get the discount on the product.  She fell in love with the company, and debuted as a Sales Director one year later, in June of 2013.  She left her full time job and put her masters on hold to pursue the possibility of a career of lifetime!   While working as a full-time director, she was able to move her unit quickly to the top rankings of new units in the Lisa Madson National Area.


Fallon has over 60 consultants entrusted to her leadership. She has driven free Mary Kay cars for the past 3 years!  Additionally, she has used her Mary Kay money to pay off over $20,000 of her student loans before the age of 27!  She passionately shares this opportunity and believes from her own experiences that you can change your circumstances by holding parties.


Fallon’s career has brought her a house full of gifts and prizes, including diamonds and a trip to Destin Florida with her National Sales Director, Lisa Madson


Fallon has received many honors throughout her career. Some of the highest include: being ranked rookie of the year at the Madson Retreat, being featured in the Applause magazine for her accomplishments,  she was an on the move, fabulous 50’s and honor society finisher, which makes her a triple crown achiever!


Fallon’s mission:

To help women spiritually, financially and emotionally through their Mary Kay business.



"Your attitude will be the most significant factor in your success, for with the right attitude you can do everything wrong and still succeed. But with the wrong attitude you can do everything right and fail. So if you think you can, you can! But if you think you can’t, you’re right. The greatest undeveloped territory in the whole world is right under your hat." ~ Mary Kay Ash